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Why visit North East India?

This part of the country had remained for me as read, heard and imagined, for a long time. Some of it factual and some imaginary, some cooked up, some unpalatable. So, understandably not many from the friend circle were keen to venture out into this region. But if one is bitten by the travel bug, the brakes don’t come in handy. I decided to take a plunge to explore the region, its people, history and culture. Despite spending 3 weeks in the North East, I still could not manage to cover the entire seven sisters. My first reaction after spending a few days there was that …I feel humbled. Veiled from the greater world by mighty forests and mountain ranges, the North-eastern States are one of Asia’s few natural and anthropological sanctuaries. The lushness of its landscape, the range of communities and geographical and ecological diversity makes the North East quite different from other parts of the subcontinent. This is a region of rugged beauty, and a confluence of tribal cultures, climates, landscapes and people. In this wonderland, glacial Himalayan rivers spill onto Assam’s vast floodplains, faith moves mountains on the perilous pilgrimage to Tawang, rhinos graze in Kaziranga’s swampy grasslands and former head-hunters slowly embrace modernity in their ancestral houses in Nagaland.

While all of us might not have the luxury of an extensive stay there and experience everything, I have tried to create a few experiences which are rich in culture, heritage and wildlife.

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North East Indian Experiences

august, 2019

Assam – Nature & Wildlife 8D/7NMeet the One Horned RhinoNorth East India

Nagaland – Hornbill Festival 10D/9NA peek into the life of Naga tribesNorth East India

The Dalai Lama Trail 10D/9NTawang MonasteryNorth East India

Living Root Bridge of Meghalaya 8D/7NDouble Decker Bridge CherrapunjiNorth East India

SIKKIM: The Great Mountain Escape 10D/9NThe Himalayan KingdomNorth East India

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What our Travellers Say

Supriya S VBeyonder Traveller - Assam - North East India

I want to thank Beyonder team, for the Assam tour. I’m so glad I ended up coming to Assam – Majuli will always have a special place in my heart now.

Raghavendra BhatBeyonder Traveller - Sikkim - North East India

Overall experience was really great. The pace of the trip was exactly the way we wanted – that is relaxed. Choice of hotels was very good and value for money.


The travel tips and suggestions provided beforehand were very useful. Inclusion of a farm visit and a tea tasting session were really well thought out and this kind of customisation (or personalisation!!!) is definitely a USP for Beyonder! Having a guide was extremely useful. This person was very pleasant and highly knowledgeable.


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