An account of India by an Indian…how amazing is that? This is my own travelogue, an attempt to experience one’s own country, through travelling, sometimes immersive sometimes sporadic. And my first reaction is that this diversity is too hot to handle, whether it is about the climate, food, religion or traditions. And I am in full agreement with everyone who says, India is not a country, but a continent or should I say India is an overload of senses. Stretching from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, its borders encompass an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures, cuisine and people. Each monument or a sacred site has a legend to it and the multitude of sacred sites and rituals are testament to the country’s long, colourful, and sometimes tumultuous, religious history. And then there are the festivals! I think there will be at least one festival every month being celebrated in some part of the country. I would not explain much about India, because India is to be experienced, explored, loved or loathed, but not to be read and imagined.

Exploring the whole of India is a work in progress for me and I have enjoyed and am enjoying every bit of it. I have tried to pen down some of my experiences in India as a starter. Hope to dish out more experiences as we go along.