Taiwan, a country less-frequented and less-talked about, unhurried yet vibrant, has a jaw-dropping landscape – oversized sea cliffs and densely forested mountains… It is an idyllic experience for people who are game for a real treat. With Chinese, Japanese and Western influences in its food, culture, folk arts and architecture, Taiwan is a fusion of them all… And a great show case of all. Then there are the museums, simply bursting with treasures, plus a thriving folk culture that includes some wild displays of Taoist and Buddhist worship. We loved the contrast between the uber- modern parts of Taipei and the slow-paced traditional backstreets that seem to be from a different century… Oh and before we forget, the hikes in Taroko Gorge and relaxed evenings in the hot spring resorts are quite out-of-this-world!

These are experiences that are not meant for reading… Come Beyonder with us while we take you through one of the most exciting, yet often-overlooked destinations of Asia.

Nature in Enchanting Taiwan 8D/7N

We have crafted a short capsule of the essence of this lovely country – a capsule that takes the traveller through the modern city that is Taipei, with its monuments, museums, shopping and bright, vibrant nightlife, and juxta…