“Norway” meaning “path to the North” is often described as the “Land of Midnight Sun”. A country which has 20 hours of Sunlight during the summer and 20 plus hours of darkness during winter. No wonder Norwegian homes, restaurants, shops are lit by hundreds of candles once autumn sets in.

Norway offers unique experiences in different times of the year. If summer is about the Fjords, winter is about chasing the Northern Lights. Not to forget the stories of Vikings, Trolls and Trappers throughout the year. The fierce Vikings that ruled this country and travelled to distant cities in their long ships are an internationally known part of Norway’s history.

Besides, the heavenly lights and Fjords, there is more for the adventure junkies as Norway is also the birthplace of modern skiing.

Perhaps this screen will not do justice to these experiences, Come Beyonder with us and we take you to an experience which will be cherished for the life time.

Chasing the Northern Lights

Norway – Northern Lights 6D/5N

Ever thought about a winter vacation at minus 20 degrees? If you have, why don’t you head to Norway? The winter adventures here are diverse and unique – dancing with the heavenly lights, reliving Santa Claus moments wit…

Mountains and Fjords of Norway

Norway – Mountains & Fjords 7D/6N

The most enticing image of Norway that comes to our mind, is that of the fjords… Giant clefts in the landscape running from the coast deep into the interior. Rugged yet serene, these huge, inlets are stunning; and are a visua…

Norway – Spitsbergen 4D/3N

Spitsbergen, meaning pointed mountains is the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. It borders the Arctic Ocean, the Norwegian Sea, and the Green land sea. Here you will f…