Egypt – the place where time stood still! The only ancient civilization with many of its monuments intact, it is a journey back in time. We marvel at monuments back home or in other locations, which are 500-600 years old, but quite a different experience when you stand small before a 4,500-year-old colossus, one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world and the largest man-made structure for nearly 4,000 years!

Is Egypt just about the Pyramids? Absolutely not! Beyond the famous Pyramids of Giza, Egypt welcomes you with the now benevolent Nile, ancient sand covered tombs, towering temples and smaller ancient pyramids. Become an explorer, a historian and a storyteller, while you go through the monuments of different time periods in history – from the first Pharaonic dynasty of the Old Kingdom to the Greeks and then the Romans, the Christians and finally the Arabs.

Egypt is a journey for the curious: Discover the only relief of Cleopatra in Egypt, the only image of Alexander the Great as a Pharaoh, the futuristic inscriptions in Abydos (helicopter, submarines, fighter planes – as you may interpret), the only inscriptions of a horse or an elephant in Dendara, the astounding Zodiac ceiling, the King’s list spanning three Kingdoms and 76 Pharaohs; Learn the different stories of gods adopted by the Pharoahs to convince the masses of their superiority, to lend legitimacy to their rule; the elaborate attention to death and the afterlife; Get awed by the treasures buried in the Pharaonic tombs (many of which are now in museums).

A trip not only for the History buffs – enjoy the beauty of the Nile cruise, swim in the pristine waters of the Red Sea and relax in the green comfort of the Desert oases. This lovely country has lots to offer for every kind of traveler.

Ancient Civilizations along the Nile 8D/7N

Egypt is a journey through time. This tour takes you through main highlights of Egypt – The colossal Pyramids, the numerous tombs and temples along the Nile and the serenity of a Nile Cruise.

This standard itinerary ta…