The ‘selfies’ will start from airport itself; the beauty and the serenity of its design compelling you to take out your camera and start clicking. A sense of contentment and satisfaction encompasses everything and you can feel it in your bones, the moment you arrive in this tiny Himalayan country. While the rest of the world is madly rushing about trying to earn money and grasp happiness, the people of Bhutan are already living it. Perhaps it is their deep spirituality followed in the tenets of Buddhism or their closeness to the mountains and nature, but people here know that a balance in life leads to peace and happiness. Modern money economy as we know it, is slowly making its presence felt, but even in this decade, one do not find the people of Bhutan wanting more of it.

Due to the rules on travel and tourism, a lot of Bhutan is still unexplored. But within the explored regions, the cities are beautiful and the countryside stunning, turning every moment into a ‘beyonder’ moment. Even the clichéd sounding ‘city tour’ becomes a journey into history, religion, stories of wars, culture of cities, all rolled into one.

Welcome to Bhutan. Come, explore this incredible country with us.

Cultural and Scenic Bhutan (6N/7D)

Cultural & Scenic Bhutan 7D/6N

A few days amongst these amazing Bhutanese people, a culture and a unique lifestyle set against the towering mountains will stay in your memory forever and leave you with a feeling that you have never felt before – that of tr…