Experience the majesty of the Angkor complex simply getting lost travelling through time, history, religion and cultures, and an all pervading sense of mystery. Go exploring in the ruins of Thom, Banteay Srei, Bayon and Ta Prohm, made famous by Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider. Trek up the hills, deep in the jungles, 25 kms north-east of Angkor to see the thousand Linga temple of Kbal Spean, most of which now lies under pristine rivulets and hidden waterfalls. And for those who like a bit of city life, perhaps nothing can get better than sipping ‘liquid nirvana’ in the Pub Street…

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Trip Highlights

  • Experience the Majesty of Angkor Wat
  • Visit the 1000 Linga Valley and Mahendraparvata
  • Explore the floating villages at Tonle Sap and shop at the night market
  • Visit all other temple complexes like Ta Prohm, Roluos, Banteay Srei & more

Day 1:
Siem Reap

Arrive at Siem Reap , experience the city in the evening , and definitely try the local cuisine.

Enjoy the divine Apsara classical dance performance in the evening, which highlights the mysterious civilization and heritage of Khmer civilization.

Day 2:
Mount Mahendraparvata

Start the day with a drive upto the Kulen mountains – a place where Cambodia as we know it today was born in the year 804. Once referred to as the Mount Mahendraparvata – the Kulen Mountain is a cultural and historical resort that marked the origin of Khmer empire in the 9th century. Climb up to the top of the mountain to be welcomed by the famous Reclining Buddha of Cambodia. As you trek back, you will realise the river bed has intricate carvings of various Hindu deities…

Don’t forget to walk around the Reclining Buddha statue and you will notice a lot of people leave money and small notes with wishes for their families and friends.

Day 3:
Kbal Spean

The highlight of the day will be the trek to Kbal Spean – the valley of the Thousand Lingas. A short moderate trek through a jungle on a hill, you arrive at the beginning of a river where someone in the 11th century has carved a thousand ‘Lingas’ (symbol of Shiva in Hinduism) on the river bed. From the foothills, a drive to the Banteay Srei and then the Preah Kahn temple and back to the town after a long hectic day and a surfeit of ruins and spectacular views.

Visit the Tonle Sap Lake that seems like an ocean really – it is supposed to spawn the fish that feeds all the countries along the Mekong river… Weather permitting, visit a fishing village where entire families live on boats and fish for food…

Walk down the banks of the river to discover more and more river bed rock carvings and see how many deities you recognize… and don’t forget to bathe in the spectacular secluded waterfall on the way…

Day 4:
Angkor Thom

Start the day with Angkor Thom, which was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer Empire. The stunning Ta Prohm made famous by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider is another item on the agenda. And then on to the amazing Pre Rup Pyramid complex to view the dramatic sunset…

A must-visit place in the hipper part of the town is an old pub called the “Angkor What”… As the name suggests it is a superbly quirky place in terms of ambience, drinks and décor. It was the hub of the night life during the swinging 60-70s…

Day 5:
Angkor Wat

A really early start to the morning will find you admiring the piece de resistance – the Angkor Wat. After viewing the sunrise behind the massive temple complex, take in a guided tour of the temple – prepare to be stunned!

Drive to the Roluos group of monuments from the 9th Century which showcase the “Classic period of Khmer Art” Roluos is the site of an ancient center of Khmer civilization known as Hariharalaya meaning the “abode of Hari (Visnu) and Hara (Siva)”.

Ask a lot of questions – the devil is in the details here. Indians will find lots of interesting similarities and difference in the depiction of tales from the Ramayana.

Day 6:

After a short, eventful trip that covered the essence of Cambodia that’s as different from the much visited big cities in Asia as chalk from cheese, get transferred to the airport for your flight onward. We hope you will go with a promise of getting back for more to this wonderful region…


Airport Transfers
Twin sharing standard accommodation with breakfast
Tour with a guide
Transportation in Cambodia
All entry tickets for various sites as mentioned in detailed itinerary


Visa charges
Other meals
Taxes, as applicable

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