Our Value System

As an organization we are guided by a set of values and they are woven into every decision and action of ours:

Commitment to the Global Code on Ethics by United Nations World Tourism Organization

We are committed to honoring the Global Code on Ethics issued by the UN-WTO. We will implement the relevant principles enunciated in the code in spirit and in letter.

Compliance and ethical conduct

We are committed to full compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries we operate in.

Respect for the Community and the Environment

We recognize that working with the local communities, partners in our destinations and operating within the environmental boundaries is essential for our long-term future. Our commitment to sustainability principles is a step towards shared prosperity with our travelers, local communities and a shared interest in protecting the environment.

Commitment to our Guests

In our endeavor to provide our guests with an unforgettable Beyonder experience, we commit to:


We will transparently provide honest and objective information on all aspects of the travel experience, to the best of our knowledge and effort.

Data protection

We hold privileged information shared in trust by our travelers. We commit not to share this information with anyone or use it otherwise without the permission of the traveler; unless otherwise required under law.

We want our Travelers to come back and refer our services to their friends; hence managing expectations and being fair, transparent and honest with our travelers is core to our conduct.

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