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Gujarat: History and Wildlife 9D/8NMythology, heritage and LionsWest & Central India


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Capture the essence of Gujarat in this sharp slice of the region. What defines Gujarat and the Gujarati people is the history, the lay of the land, the cuisine, the traditions and the various religions that have thrived here… A flavour of this is what we have tried to capture in this quick slice across the region. Take in the modern delights of Ahmedabad, the history of the father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, the freedom struggle for which Gujarat was a major contributor, the last refuge of the Asiatic lions – Gir forest – and the refuge of the Hindu faithful – Dwarka and Somnath.  The ancient Jain temples of Palitana set on a pictureque hill and Lothal, one of the sites of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization await to give you a glimpse of the place in ancient times.

All of this in one action-packed 9 day module to give you Gujarat in a capsule… Take a look…

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Itinerary in brief

Day 1 - Ahmedabad: City Tour
Arrive at Ahmedabad. Explore the history and heritage of this city at Gandhi Ashram, Calico Textiles Museum, Dada Hari Step Well, Adalaj Step Well, Sidi Sayed Mosque, Hate Singh Jain Temple. Overnight stay at Ahmedabad.
Day 2 - Poshina: Heritage Walk
Drive to Poshina, and meet the local/tribal community. Poshina is home to a tribal shrine, the staggering place of thousands of terracotta horses standing in rows as offerings to the local goddess. Witness the making of terracotta horses at a potter’s home. Overnight stay Poshina.
Day 3 - Modera: Sun temple and Stepwell
Visit the Patan Step Well, a unique type of water well with stairs, with carving on the walls, which used to be a massive structure once. Head to Modhera Sun temple
Day 4 - Rajkot: Abode of Krishna
Land in Rajkot and drive down to Dwaraka. Head out to the famous Dwarkadheesh temple, where Shri Krishna conducted matters of the state from. Wander around this temple town and be amazed at the depths of the piety of the locals and the visitors. Overnight in Dwaraka.
Day 5 - Dwarka: Home of Krishna
Head out to catch the ferry to Bhet Dwarka, the island that was the residence of Lord Shri Krishna. Gape at the force of nature at the point behind the Dwarkadheesh Temple where the river Gomti flows into the Sea. Overnight stay at Dwaraka.
Day 6 -Somnath: The glorifying temples
Depart for Somnath en route visit Porbandar, the ancestral home of Mahatma Gandhi. Arrive in time at Somnath and participate in the famously high-energy evening aarti. The mesmerizing sound and light show at the temple can be seen to learn about the history of Somnath through the ages. Overnight stay at Somnath.
Day 7 - Gir: Wildlife Safari
Meet the Asiatic Lions at the lush green forests of Gir. The sanctuary boasts of different varieties of deer, antelope, birds, and crocodiles. Overnight stay at Gir.
Day 8 - Gir: Beach Fun
Head to the erstwhile Portuguese colony town, Diu. Visit the Diu Fort, St Paul’s Church, and chill by the Nagoya beach.
Day 9 - Bhavnagar: Museums and Libraries
Visit the Barton Museum established in 1885 with an impressive collection of coins, fossils, weapons, farming equipment and more. Overnight stay at Bhavnagar.
Day 10 - Lothal: Indus Valley
Drive to Palitana, climb Mount Shatrunjaya and soak in the view, the largest cluster of 863 Jain temples. Drive to Lothal, one of the Indus Valley civilization sites excavated in India. Overnight stay at Ahmedabad.
Day 11 - Ahmedabad: History and Heritage
Explore the history and heritage of this city at Gandhi Ashram, Calico Textiles Museum, Dada Hari Step Well, Adalaj Step Well, Sidi Sayed Mosque, Hate Singh Jain Temple. Overnight stay at Ahmedabad.
Day 12 - Departure: Baya!
Travel to the airport for your onward journey after spending a week living the wildlife and heritage of Gujarat.
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  • Accommodation in a 3-star hotel with breakfast
  • Tour with a guide
  • Sight-seeing as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entry fees to all the monuments and sights
  • All transport in an air conditioned car
  • Airport transfer


  • Airfare, visa and travel insurance
  • Any other expense not mentioned in the detailed itinerary
  • Taxes, if applicable

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Gujarat History and Wildlife 9D8N

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