Why go to Jordan? A place unlike any other.


Why go to Jordan? A place unlike any other.

Lowest point on Earth


Dead Sea: At the lowest point on land, you will drink in air with the highest concentration of oxygen!

Float in the Dead Sea: With the high buoyancy due to the high salinity, enjoy floating like a cork on the Dead Sea waters!


Petra: The Rose city – One of the New Seven Wonders of the World!

Petra is one of the “28 places to see before you die’ (Smithsonian Magazine) – as one of four ‘Portals into the past’.

Search for Treasure like Indiana Jones (in the Last Crusade)

Valley of the moon

The Desert at Wadi Rum is called as Valley of the moon! Due to its surreal landscape

Playground of Lawrence of Arabia

Place where Hollywood movies like Transformers, Martian were shot!

Experience the clearest of night skies on earth (and photograph them) in a Martian Dome.

Roman Ruins


The Best preserved roman ruins outside of Italy.

Part of the Roman Decapolis cities, the Amphitheatre, Temple of Zeus, Temple of Artemis, the colonnaded streets, nyphaneums, hippodromes, churches all evoke images of a glorious past!


Intersection of 4 countries in the Middle East

Have a beer overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Across the valley from Golan Heights (in pic)

View Israel, Palestine, Syria and Jordan from one place (Lebanon in the distance on a clear day).

A truly historic place with the Sea of Galilee and the site of the Battle of Yarmouk in view!

History (Citadel, Amphitheatre), Lively Markets, Great food, options for children (above) – overall a very nice and easy last days during your tour.


On the 2017 Global Peace Index, Jordan was ranked 95.  In comparison, India was ranked 137 and the United States at 114.

So probably safer than India and the US!

The major point is that the people here are very lovely, hospitable and friendly!

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  • Gaurav shah Reply

    I would love to go to Jordan someday. Thanks for the information.

    July 16, 2019 at 6:08 am

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