Who travels to a strange little country caught in-between neighbours that are far more interesting? Who would want to go to Belgium when France, Germany, the UK are right there? Sure they have waffles, chocolates and beer but really, what else is there?

But as they say, the best travel experiences are the ones which are unplanned and also the lesser known. And sometimes just follow your heart and you will surprise yourself. But if you are still unsure, what do you do? You add some more. My addition was the neighbouring Netherlands. i was thinking of the bustling city and the night life, which of course is a big fact. But what i experienced was much bigger and special..

My experience in these countries have been like travelling in time with the castles, cycling around the heritage cities, knowing the revolutionary artistes like Rembrandt, Reuben and Dali and my favourite reporter Tintin. I realised I am not like Collin Farell, (in the movie “In Bruge”) who thought it would appeal to a certain kind of people, but all I have to say is that neither was I born in a farm and nor am I retarded but I am mighty impressed with Bruges.

When I look back, I know why I was there; perhaps the traveller in me gets it right …mostly. Come Beyonder and experience all of these with more than 2000 varieties of beer and chocolate.

Belgium and Netherlands

Belgium and Netherlands 11D/10N

Belgium, a quaint little country caught in-between neighbours that are far more famous like France, Germany, and the UK… A country known for its gastronomical experiences like chocolates, waffles, fries and beer… Don’t ge…

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