A long pending plan finally sorted. Chasing the northern lights, literally !!
At about -25 degrees, the excitement of spotting the ‘Northern Lights’ was stronger than the challenge nature threw at us. The lights were a bummer as they evaded us!

Chasing artic whales .. was brilliant. Chase the norther lights yet again turned out to be another bummer !!

Snow-mobiling at -35 degrees, even the GoPro would not power up at such low temperatures. But the experience of racing on a frozen lake at 100+ kmph in twilight and surrounded by snow capped mountains – surreal.

We do not go to Chase the Northern Lights and come back without spotting the spectacle, do we ? No way !! Thanks to Beyonder for sorting out another night of spotting the lights, this time atop a mountain with 360 degree view of the sky.

A must do once in a lifetime, please do. Trust Beyonder to make it worthy for you.