There are times when you and I prefer to shun contact with others – and it normally lasts just a couple of hours. But, imagine avoiding contact with the world around for a long long time. That is the story of the indigenous tribe of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean. They are estimated to have lived on these islands for about 60,000 years and save for just a couple of times, they have shunned contact with the rest of the world. Islanders have been known to fire arrows and toss stones even at low-flying aircraft on reconnaissance missions over the island. Scary, right?

However, the surprising fact is that the North Sentinel Island is part of the Andaman Islands. And these islands that are open to tourists offer pristine, palm-lined white-sand beaches, mangroves, tropical rainforests, coral reefs, fascinating range of marine wildlife, snorkeling, and diving sites. Explore the Cellular Jail, Ross Island and other interesting places when you GoBeyonder to Andaman Islands.