square miles across. A single family has owned the island for over 150 years and despite being a stone’s throw away from Kauai, it remains surprisingly insulated from the outside world. There are no roads on this island, neither are there any cars, stores or indoor plumbing. It is perhaps the only island that survives solely on solar power in the region.

Legends say that the island was formed when Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes arrived in Hawaii. However, 1863 marked a series of events which was to have a lasting influence on the history of Ni’ihau. A family from New Zealand arrived and the King Kamehameha IV sold the to them. It is this family that still owns this island. And that is not all, when they bought the land, they made a pledge to the king that they would maintain the islands for the people and follow its customs. A pledge that is still unbroken.

Living in Ni‘ihau is like a time capsule. It’s forbidden to go to this island haven. Instead, why not go Beyonder with us to the land of the Komodo dragons n Indonesia? Walk with the dragons and enjoy some water sports