Dreams do come true if u work towards it! As a teenager had a penchant for traveling Europe as a backpacker. This dream did come true when we pegged into Netherlands and Belgium a fortnight back (the back packer is a distant dream as our luggage were seeming heavier than us 😉

Guess what happens when 4 cuckoo ladies land on the home turf of Heineken and endless Belgium beers ..lemme give the rest a passe. The beauty of the Medieval towns of bruges ## country side boat tour with wine and dine on board to north Amsterdam##breathtaking country side views of Netherlands## biking around## waffle birthplace ## yum fries …It has lots more to offer than just open culture to sex and drugs as people perceive.
Seeing the magical northern lights in full bloom in severe cold weather and warming ourselves by the bonfire drinking hot soup was fantastic.

Lastly we def lived up to the saying “shop till you drop”…though we would have never dropped ,the airline policy restricted us..LOL let me stop here and pictures do all the taking,,Enjoy

Once again proost to Beyonder Travel…indeed it was beyond an experience..proost